Top 10 Career Options For Arts/Humanities Students

Bharat Choudhary Reply 10:25 PM
 Top Career Options For Humanities Students 

1. Civil service

For Humanities students, civil services is the first choice, and many take it up only because of this. Humanitarian subjects like history, political science, sociology, geography etc helps you prepare better and be a better administrator. 

2. Mass Communication 

You can be a journalist. Or an event manager, public relations officer, corporate communicator. Also are other options like media planning, advertising. And film making, that again may be fiction or non fiction. Other options are - Media Specialist, Publishing, Radio/TV Announcer, Television Producer, Media Researcher, Community Relations Specialist. 

3. Researcher and Writer

An individual with Arts background is naturally suited to be a good at research and writing. The experience of writing since school days, makes them capable of expressing better than the rest. Some career options include - Author, Columnist, Copy Editor, Critic, Editor, Grant Writing, Interpreter, Translator, Playwright, Script Writer, Speech Writer, Lyricist, Educational Assistant.

4. Hospitality Industry

You can do a hotel management course, be a chef or customer manager. You can also be an air hostess. This industry is vast, upcoming and has immense scope. 

5. Fine Arts

Naturally geared towards arts and crafts, with a creative bent of mind, helps humanities students choose fine arts very conveniently as a carer option. 

6. Designer

You can be either of the following – Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator, Textile Designer, Jewelery Designer, Gemologist, Product Designer, Footwear Designer.

7. Travel and Tourism Industry

A very viable option. 

8. Social Work

This is a good option, and you can utilize your knowledge her aptly. You can work with an NGO, be a social activist, work with distresses sections of the society, be an animal rights or human rights activist, be an environmentalist. All this will put to practice the vast bag of learning that you have gained on social issues, problems, rights – legal and social, and ways to resolve issues. 

9. Law

Lots of students go for a a law degree after graduation in humanities or even after class XII. Knowing about political science, history, sociology etc helps in this field. 

10. Teaching Profession

A very convenient, viable choice. Can be at any level – kindergarten, primary or secondary level at school, college level teacher, specialized teacher, etc.

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